METALTRADE NITRA, spol. s r.o.

The current equipment of METALTRADE NITRA consists of 14 CNC machines: 6 vertical three axes centers,five of them are four axes and 8 two axes turning centers,two of them with powered tool holders.

Max.milling size is 900x400 mm,max.turning diameter is 400mm.Max.weight of workpiece is about 50 Kg.

There are three metal-cutting saws to the diameter of 240mm.One of them is self-acting.The conventional turning and milling machines are serving for simple and preparatory works.

The measuring laboratory is good equipped with 3-D unit,then with devices for surface quality measurement and Brinell hardness identification.All devices,measures and gauges are periodicaly inspected.

The average age of machines is at about 4 years.The high competent staff  enables to meet the needs of our customers in the quality and reliability of deliveries.