METALTRADE NITRA, spol. s r.o.


The company METALTRADE Ltd. was established as a slovak private firm in August 1994 year with head office in Bratislava- capital of Slovak Republic.It main business activity were supplies of machined parts for automotive industry especially for exhaust and degassing systems for example various flanges made of carbon and heat resisting steel.The company was a sub-supplier to the system-suppliers for automotive industry like Benteler,Tenneco,Gillet,Arvin,Paulstra,Hutchinson and others.

At the beginning the parts have been machined in co-operation with slovak firms but in 2002 year  the company established its own daughter production plant METALTRADE NITRA Ltd.who the substantial deal of ordered parts have been machined.

Since January 2008 year the both companies have been joined to a common company METALTRADE NITRA Ltd. in order to reduce the production costs and to be more competitivable.

METALTRADE NITRA equipped by state-of-art  processing centres for operations of turning,milling and drilling. The plant disposes with the necessary measurement devices,it is certificated and reliable in the quality and terms of deliveries.

In August 2006 year a new production hall was finished in the area of produktion plant in Nitra with 1000 sqm production area.

A major  part of the company business and production activity is represented by the supplies of machined parts for automotive industry,for transportation and building machines,hydraulic systems,antivibration units,connecting parts and others.The most deal of supplier programme is placed out on the EU market mostly in countries Germany,France,Hungary,Czech Republic,Italy.

The head office of METALTRADE NITRA Ltd. you can find in the regional city Nitra about 90 km far from Bratislava.Our customers have a good acces to the highway and to the interational airport in Bratislava or in Vienna.